Class Programs at Tennesse Academy of Gymnastics

Tennessee Academy of Gymnastics has provided quality gymnastics instruction to boys and girls in the Chattanooga area since 1982. 

Boys and Girls 18 months - 5 years old

The ZOOLYMPICS is a movement education program for preschoolers ages 18 months - 5 years old (prior to Kindergarten).  It is by far the best physical activity program for children. This nationally recognized program introduces students to the world of movement in a fun, non-competitive environment, developing gross motor skills and giving children the self confidence that comes from the mastery of coordination, balance, strength and agility. 

Zoolympics classes are broken down by age. All classes are :45 in length.  (To find classes for your child's age group go to Class programs and search highlighted class names.)

  • "The Two of US" classes are for atheletes 18 months - 35 months. This parent (or other adult) participation class is a perfect introduction to movement for your busy Toddler! We teach thru the parent, whose job it is to guide the student through the stations.
  • The 3 year old classes are the child's first experience in the gym without the parent.  We strive to make this first encounter a positive one!  The child will experience the chance to receive instruction from someone other than the parent, take turns, and learn to be part of a group as they work on their movement skills. 
  • The 4 & 5 year old class -  Work on independance and skill mastery. 

The circular stations we design for all classes help a child in sequencing and in memory.  All the skills help develop strength , coordination, flexibility, blance, self-confidence as well as other advantages too numerous to mention. A graduate of our ZOOLYMPICS program will have the characteristics listed above, along with the knowledge that through practice and perseverance any goal can be attained!

To find classes for your child's age group, go to class programs and SEARCH - THE TWO OF US (for children 18 months - 35 months) or 3 YEAR OLDS (36 months - 4 years old) or 4 & 5 YEAR OLDS (4 year olds - 5 year olds pre kindergarten)

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GYMED CLASSES (GYMnastics EDucation classes) 

AGES: Boys and Girls Kindergarten and older

TAG's GYMnastics EDucation (better known as GYM ED) program is for Children Kindergarten age and older. This series of classes has developed thousands of Chattanooga's athletes. While many GYM ED graduates have gone on to be competitive gymnasts, most have used the attributes learned through the GYM ED program to excel at other sports. 

TAG’s goal is to provide your child with the opportunity to develop their strength and skills to the best of their abilities. TAG’s GymEd program has been specifically developed to help every child reach these goals in a safe and positive environment. The complete body strength, flexibility, balance and coordination developed from gymnastics is unmatched by any other sport.         

TAG has developed a unique evaluation system for measuring your child’s success.  We use skills suggested by USA Gymnastics, as well as some of our own, to create our program.  The athlete can progress at their own rate, and with these skill goals clearly written, the children can see where they are going and how much progress they are making.   Based on skill development the athletes recieve ribbons, this is the basis of our promotion through our class program.

Athletes NEW to TAG should register for the NOVICE classes. These classes are broken down into NOVICE I  (Kindergarten and 1st graders) and NOVICE II (2nd grade and older).  

Once in the GymEd program, ribbons are awarded and based on these ribbons athetes are promoted. to find the class schedule SEARCH highlighted class names.

  • Girls' Novice I - First experience with gymnastics -  Kindergarten and 1st grade. (:55 in length)
  • Girls' Novice II - First experience with gymnastics - 2nd grade and older (:55 in length)
  • Boys' Novice IFirst experience with gymnastics -  Kindergarten and 1st grade. (:55 in length)
  • Boys' Novice II -  First experience with gymnastics - 2nd grade and older (:55 in length)
  • Beginner Boys or Beginner Girls (1:25 in length)
    • Girls - 8 ribbons in the Novice Classes to be promoted to Beginner
    • Boys - 6 ribbons in the Novice Classes to be promoted to Beginner
  • Intermediate Girls or Intermediate Boys(1:25 in length)
    • Girls - 16 ribbons in the Beginner class to be promoted to Intermediate
    • Boys - 12 ribbons in the Beginner class to be promoted to Intermediate                                        
  • Advanced Girls (1:55 in length)- 24 ribbons in the Intermediate class to be promoted to Advanced        

At the end of our school year, in lieu of a recital, we have the TAG OLYMPICS.  For this fun meet, the children all learn routines and participate in a real gymnastics meet! From march-in to the awards ceremony (where everyone is a winner), a great time is had by all.   

Whether your child stays in gymnastics or chooses to pursue other interests, the strength, balance, coordination and other life skills developed in TAG’s GymEd class will make them better at whatever they choose.  Many of Chattanooga’s best football players, soccer players, baseball players, not to mention Cheerleaders have participated in the many programs here at TAG.  So rest assured you have made a wise investment in your child’s well being. Thank you for allowing us to work with your child and THANK YOU for choosing Tennessee Academy of Gymnastics.

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TAG tumbling classes

If you are looking for the competitive edge with your tumbling, you will learn MORE, learn SAFER, and learn FASTER than any other tumbling program offered in Chattanooga area.  Tumbling classes are for students 7 and older who are interested in just doing Tumbling skills.  (students younder than 7 are encouraged to enroll in one of our GymEd or Zoolympics classes according to age)

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