by Larry Allen Denham

Patrick Goodman is the captain of the Pioneer Gymnastics team and the best gymnast that Pioneer has ever produced; however, it will take much more from the Kennedy High senior if he is going to get his Pioneer team to Coach Jim Lowery’s goal of becoming National Team Champions. Although his team has experience, it will require a leap of faith from Patrick and his teammates to raise their gymnastics to the next level in his final season as a Pioneer.

Chris McClure doesn’t quite fit the Pioneer mold. Since moving to Knoxville from California, he has found a difficult time fitting in with his new teammates. However, Chris has what every gymnast wants; talent, courage, and a knack for living on the edge. But, Chris also has a dark secret, one that could jeopardize the success of the Pioneers.

Within the walls of Pioneer Gymnastics, seven young men shed blood, sweat, and tears, to follow their coach and their dreams as they risk their necks on a daily basis in an attempt to become the first gymnastics team from Tennessee to be crowned national champions. Although there are many roadblocks in their way, their greatest obstacles lie within themselves.

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