Entrance protocol:

Children age 5 and under or new students should be accompanied by one adult into the lobby.  

Parents must stay with young/new students until they have entered gym area, after class begins you may leave.  . 

Seating area inside the facility is limited - 10 in the front waiting area, 7 in the TV/party room.  We would like to suggest that only 1 adult accompany child to class, even at that we will not have seats/space for everyone to maintain proper social distancing. Please feel free to stay in your car.  Also, During nice weather we will be trying to keep the overhead doors open during class, and parents, may watch from these doorways.  You can even bring your lawn chair!

GymEd Students should bring shoes, and all personal belongings into facility and place in designated areas near the rear exit. 

Exit protocol - to reduce congestion in the lobby.

Parents will pick up children at the following exits:

                Zoolympians – at the door they enter 

                Gym Ed students – Back man door.  (stairs)

Please try to be at the exit as class dismisses, for the safety of the athletes.

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottles,  PLEASE – NO juice, or sugary drink.